Users related questions

Registering on

Registration is simple, you just need to follow the registration link, complete the details required and in less than 2 minutes you will have your account up and going.

How much can i earn?

You can earn unlimited amount of money from your referrals and your daily clicks.

Can i register multiple accounts?

NO, you are not allowed to register multiple accounts under any circumstances, as advertisers pay for quality traffic, not the same person seeing their ad multiple times.

Can other people in the household register?

NO, only one person in the household can have an account and use it, any other created will result in considering as multiple accounts and closing all accounts related.

What payment processors / cryptocurrency do you accept?

Currently we only allow Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal depends on each currency, and usually it is around 0.001, bitcoin minimum withdrawal is 0.0002. All withdrawals have a fee depending on the blockchain TX fee to send the transaction using a regular priority.

What is the minimum deposit?

You can deposit coins directly to your account balance and buy different products or advertisement on our website, all deposits have a 0.50% fee.

Why my balance has 9 decimals?

Because of the referral commission we need to have one extra decimal, so users can earn that 10% from referrals.

Advertisers related questions

Can i advertise any type of website?

You can advertise mostly any type of website that is not related to Frame breaking script, Popup any windows on entry or exit of any kind, Automatically attempt to download software or change any user settings, Adult or Pornographic related, Hate, Bigotry, and/or IntoleranceWarez or Software Piracy related, Music Piracy Related, Hacking Related, Anything related to illegal activity.

Is this quality traffic?

We are doing our best daily to provide the best quality traffic by verifying users activity, making sure no duplicate accounts or bots, and trying to engage them with your website.

Do i earn anything if i advertise?

Yes, beside the awesome traffic you receive, your account will also have its CryptoBar Credits ( if selected ) , that balance will generate you random ads daily based on the total advertisement sales & profit the bitverts made. The ads you receive are not guaranteed and the CryptoBar credits are just received as a Bonus in your account for advertising again, DO NOT advertise only to get those bonus ads as there is no guarantee of such of profit and bitverts does not promise that you will receive all or any of your CryptoBar credits back as ads.

How can i click on the Bonus Ads?

The Bonus Ads appear in your account randomly and can have any value in the currency you are using. You have 24 hours to click the ad/ads you receive, after that if you didn't clicked the bonus ads they will dissapear along with decreasing your CryptoBar credits.

How much is a CryptoBar Point in value?

Each CryptoBar point in value worth the corresponding currency, for example for BTC 1 point = 1 satoshi.

Why CryptoBar Value decreasing?

Once ads are delivered to your accounts from points it will get deducted that ad value no matter if you see the ad or not, it is your responsability to see the ads if you wish to benefit from them.

Referrals related questions

How can i refer people?

In your account you have a section for Referral Links & banners that can be used to advertise to promote your link and get more referrals for your account.

What do i earn from referring people?

You earn 10% everytime people advertise a certain ad & you also earn for each of your referral click any of the ads.

Can i referr friends?

Yes as long as they have their own computer and different internet than yours, different household.

Earnings related questions

Are payments instant?

Currently in BETA no, but we are looking forward to make it instantly on all cyrpto currencies.

How long until payment is credited in account?

Depends on the crypto currency you are using and the fee you paid for the transaction on the blockchain, usually there is anywhere between 5 minutes to 24 hours.

How does the upgrade plan work?

The upgrade plans are there to give you special benefits like increased % referral commissions, more when you click on ads and Bonus Ads based on the advertisers on our website. Keep in mind that each currency is different so you need to buy upgrades for each currency in order to receive benefits for that currency.

How long Bonus Ads last in my account?

They last 24 hours since they are issues usually at 00:00 daily, if you do not click them they go to a platinum member and you won't be able to click them again losing those earnings.